Why simply impress your guests when you can inspire them? There are many beautiful places in Florida, but only one is closely identified with American corporate history:


Whitehall was the winter home of Henry Flagler, who was the creative mind behind the most profitable corporation in history, Standard Oil. In 1902, Flagler built this Gilded Age estate in Palm Beach overlooking Lake Worth. The 75-room Beaux-Arts palace was hailed by the New York Herald as “More wonderful than any palace in Europe, grander and more magnificent than any other private dwelling in the world …”

No matter the occasion, the Museum’s spaces offer an outstanding backdrop that will not only amaze your guests but expose them to such an important part of America’s history. When you choose the Flagler Museum for your private Event, you are also contributing to the preservation of this National Historic Landmark and continuing the legacy of corporate philanthropy created during America’s Gilded Age.

At this time, Corporate Events are a privilege of the Chairman level of Membership.

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Above: The Lake Terrace and Pavilion Terrace

Grand Hall

Impress your guests in true Gilded Age style by welcoming them to your Event in the spacious Grand Hall.

The Grand Hall features a splendid double staircase, dome ceiling paintings, gold leaf finishes, and marble throughout. Its size and beauty make it perfect for an elegant entryway.

Your guests may also explore the Museum’s historic rooms on the first floor, taking in the Museum's collections and Whitehall's rich history.

Learn about the Grand Hall and other first floor rooms on our Virtual Tour

West Room, Lake Room, and Lake Terrace

With a refined Mediterranean ambiance, the West Room and adjacent Lake Room are impressive in scale and appearance. The Lake Room is the perfect location for an intimate dinner.

The Lake Terrace, adjacent to the Lake Room, is situated along the Intracoastal Waterway with stunning views of the West Palm Beach skyline. This lovely outdoor space can be used for photos or as an outdoor treat for guests.

Capacity: 200

Cocoanut Grove

The Cocoanut Grove offers a lush, tropical atmosphere overlooking Lake Worth.
Adjacent to the Cocoanut Grove is Whitehall’s South Porch, which can be utilized in conjunction with the Grove as a covered space.

Flagler Kenan Pavilion

The Flagler Kenan Pavilion evokes the opulence and grandeur of a turn-of-the-century railway palace along with being the home to Henry Flagler’s private Railcar No. 91. With its stunning panoramic views of the Intracoastal Waterway coupled with its marvelous columns, the Flagler Kenan Pavilion is the perfect setting for a dinner reception. The Pavilion will shine as the setting of your spectacular Event.

The Flagler Kenan Pavilion has an outdoor terrace that is situated along the Intracoastal Waterway, perfect for groupings of lounge furniture that overlook the West Palm Beach skyline.

Capacity: 200

Learn about the Flagler Kenan Pavilion on our Virtual Tour